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Hero Monsters • 2017 rpg

Matthew Tsirides • http://www.mtsirides.com

Monster Master:

The monster master is suppose to narrate around each monster he draws from a the stack of monster cards.

Hero Cards:

At the start of the rotation, shuffle the deck of heroes and draw a card. The other players should do the same.

Heroes and Monsters:

Monsters and Heroes both have the following stats:

Attack / Defense / Health Points

To defeat someone:

Throw a d20, if the number is bigger than the defence then the attack is landed. 20, is a critical hit, which means x2 of your total dices.

Horde Cards:

Such cards instruct the MM to draw cards equal to the given number, the heroes must defeat all monsters in order to continue.

Treasure Cards:

At the conclusion of a battle draw one treasure card each.

Finish Game:

It is possible for the MM to draw a boss monster card, defeat the monster to conclude the story and proceed to rotation of the MM role.

Level 1:

Damage: d6 + Attack*
Protection: d6 + Defense


*You can only do one of two each turn and select target.

For each level add +1 Dice. Maximum Level is 20.

3+ players. One of which must be the Monster Master.

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