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Doorway • 2017 rpg

Yehuda Shapira •

~ Idea ~

There is a doorway that can take you to another world.
What is this world? A magical world full of danger? An alien planet with a vast ecosystem to study? The home of a people whose prophecies foretold your arrival?
The answer is for the participants to discover.

This may feel like a game, but this world is real.

~ Rules ~

- The participants take turns traveling through the doorway, always appearing at a fixed location in the other world. The suggested turn length is one week. Note that this world is real, and time there moves at the same speed as in our world.
- A participant can only make one trip during their turn. They may visit for the entire duration of their turn.
- When a participant travels, they carry with them whatever they are holding and wearing at the time.
- Upon return, travelers share their encounters and experiences with the others. A traveler can write it down in a journal, tell it verbally, or draw what they’ve seen.
- What occurs during the visit of one traveler will affect the visits of the next travelers.
- Time continues naturally in the other world also when visitors are absent.

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