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Escalation • 2017 rpg

Larry Szmulowicz • no link

How far will you go to get what you want?

Two players control the same alter-ego.

Character Creation

Determine your desire

What do you want more than anything? 
What’s stopping you from getting it?

Choose your initial Humanity score: 3 - 5

All actions require a Humanity roll (1d6). To act with compassion, roll under your Humanity to succeed. To act ruthlessly, roll over your Humanity to succeed. Rolling equal to your Humanity fails.
After every action, move your Humanity up or down by 1 (min. 1 / max. 6).

Game Play

Escalation – Player 1 narrates what is happening until you must choose to act with compassion or ruthlessness.

Tough Choice – Player 2 chooses & makes a Humanity roll. The same player describes the outcome and decides whether to move your Humanity up or down.

The next turn, Player 2 escalates and Player 1 chooses.

The first escalation must tempt you to act ruthlessly by playing into your desire. The first tough choice must be to act ruthlessly and automatically succeeeds.

Play until your alter-ego has fulfilled his desire, alienated everyone, or is dead.


The higher your Humanity at the end of the game, the happier you are.

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