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The Petitioners • 2017 rpg

HuggableHamster • no link

In this collaborative, character creation game players take turns to draw and develop the character(s) who wait in the ante room of the palace or temple to petition for aid.

d6 - optional

For each character place a sheet of paper in front of the group. Starting with the character name, roll a d6 (if desired) to decide what to add, players should take turns and may freely decide to move to the next section as appropriate.

Name, roll and add a
1, 2. Consonant
3, 4. Vowel
5. Diphthong
6. Same as previous roll

Distinguishing features or dress, roll and describe/draw
1. Head
2. Arms
3. Legs
4. Upper body
5. Lower body
6. Extremities

Totems, roll and describe/draw their look and reason
1. Health
2. Love
3. Travel
4. Wisdom
5. Blessing
6. Weather

Heraldry, roll and describe/draw the symbol and its story from
1. Mother
2. Father
3. Paternal Grandparent
4. Maternal Grandparent
5. Great-Grandparent 
6. Ancient ancestor

Items, roll and describe/draw the item and its history
1. Weapon
2. Book
3. Jewellery
4. Armour
5. Letter
6. Relic

When done they can put forward their request.

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