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Petty Crimes • 2017 rpg

Isaiah Stankowski • no link

Players play a gang of petty criminals trying to make ends meet.

Each player requires a 52-card deck.

To create a character distribute 10 points among these abilities (minimum 0, maximum 5):
Brawn– strength, toughness
Reflexes– quickness, coordination
Senses– awareness, intuition
Brains– intelligence, memory

At the start of the game, the GM draws five cards from their deck and places them face-up in the middle of the table. These are the communal cards. Use the suits of the communal cards to help determine the type of crime, or choose your own.
Hearts– drug related
Diamonds– burglary
Clubs– extortion
Spades– theft, fencing
The number of cards in the suit of your crime represents the size of the payoff. Highest value card represents the difficulty.

When the GM presents a challenge, they assign it a rating and draw that many cards. Players draw cards equal to the ability being tested. Using these cards, and the five communal cards, each player makes a 5-card poker hand. Players must beat the GM to succeed, or each other for inter-character conflict. Once resolved, all cards are discarded and the GM redraws the communal cards. Players reshuffle their decks when all their cards have been discarded.

Author Comments

Thank you to my friends for their help, and to all who made this challenge possible.

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