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Thomas Crown Affair RPG • 2017 rpg

Brian Rogers • http://subplotkudzu.blogspot.com/

Three Players: GM, Thief, Investigator. For Thief & Investigator their only equal is the other. Game is a diceless series of scenes.
1) GM & Thief: Play complex robbery – 4+ steps & distraction. (Investigator player not present)
2) GM & Investigator: NPC Cops mis-analyze crime to tell Investigator what didn’t happen. Investigator discerns what actually happened. 
3) All: Thief makes a mistake, becomes suspect. First meeting between Thief & Investigator. 
4) GM & Thief: Design base, where & how stolen items hidden. (Investigator player not present)
5) GM & Thief: NPC Cops enter Thief’s base; their failure probes defenses.
6) GM & Investigator: Play entering Thief’s base; Complex entry – 4+ steps & distraction. Diceless outcome ranges from total failure to total victory, likely partial victory. 
7) All: If partial victory, Thief even stronger suspect. Second meeting between Thief & Investigator. 
8) All: Cat and Mouse Relationship scenes. Is there a mutually beneficial resolution? (If interest or time, repeat 4-7 with second base)
9) All: Play complex (4 parts + distraction) second robbery with Investigator working against Thief during robbery. Thief gives GM 3 advance notes to make what Thief appears to be doing not what’s really happening. 
Who wins? 

Author Comments

Thanks to the crew at Alarums & Excursions who helped me fiddle with this idea 15 years ago

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