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The Heroes' Journey • 2017 rpg

Vi Brower •

You and your friends are adventurers trying to find a treasure. Get the coordinates for a Geocache location and put them into your phone. 

During the adventure, discuss past adventures you’ve been on. Talk about the treasures you found and the ones you hope to find in the future. Develop your character as you explore the environment. They might be a person that wishes to explore the world, open a shop to sell rare items, collect trophies from past adventures to prove they are an excellent hero, or whatever you feel is in this adventurer’s heart.

When you encounter an interesting area such as a hill or downed trees you explain those as obstacles your characters have to overcome. If it’s a hill it could be a mountain your characters are climbing. The downed trees could be pillars of a long forgotten temple left to ruin and you have to climb over those pillars.

When you finally arrive at the cache you can claim the treasure, however, you must leave something for the next adventurers. 

Remember to respect nature and the rules and community of geocaching. 

Author Comments

I’d like to thank my friends, Taylor LaBresh and Dave Lapru, for being super encouraging and helping me develop this game. Also, I’d like to thank Brandon and James from the podcast Stop, Hack, & Roll for showing me that game design and creating what you want is something that anyone and everyone can do. Finally, I’d like to thank my partner, Marina. She’s been a lovely person that encourages me to chase my dreams and do what I want to do.

More information on Geocaching can be found at

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