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Road Trippin’ on a Playlist • 2017 rpg

Fernando Di Sciascio • https://ffds.carbonmade.com/

Get as many friends as you can fit into a car and ask yourselves “Where should we go?” – agree on a destination. Each traveler makes up a character: write their name and a short descriptive sentence. Shuffle characters so that nobody gets a character they created.

Make a playlist. Each traveler chooses two musics:
     - One that your character loves
     - One that relates to the destination somehow

Choose other tracks you’d like to add to it with any themes. Three musics in total per traveler are recommended. Do not reveal them to other travelers.

Now get into the car (or simulate one), fasten your seatbelts and start the engine! The shotgun puts the playlist on shuffle and the driver takes on the wheel.

When a music plays, follow these rules:
     - If your character loves it, have a conversation about what you’ll do at the 
     - If it relates to the destination, the driver speaks about the route – how 
       close/far from the destination are you and why?
     - For other musics, backseat travelers come up with a situation based on it

The shotgun may skip tracks if the conversation is stale.
You arrive at your destination when the playlist ends!

Author Comments

This game is inspired by the road trip aspect of FF XV - hopefully, it wasn’t all that obvious - and I taped a bt on my experiences with roadtrips to come up with this.

I’d like to thanks everyone that took their time to read this and give me feedback on it, specially friends and some of my family.

I did now playtest this game, which is a big redflag, of course, but I’m happy with the result and I am entering this contest casually, so I just made something in whichever time I had to get some Game Design training.

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