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Ultimate fantasy (or is it?) • 2017 rpg

Marcin Kuczynski • no link

This is a 1 or 2-player game in which you get to play out having a harem full of beautiful partners.

Write down between 6 and 99 (your choice) names of the people in your Harem. Add the most valuable trait and the dominant vice of each. Now roll D6 for each to establish their starting Affection. Create as many details as you want. Your Harem is now complete.

You start with 3 Energy. Each turn pick partners (pay 1 Energy for each) and narrate the time spent with them. They get +1 Affection. 

Roll a D6 for each person not in the scene above. On 3- their Affection lowers by 1. 

Each even number rolled means, their vice got the better of them. Explain how you deal with this or their Affection lowers by 1. 

If anyone’s Affection reaches 0, there’s turmoil. Each turn, her/his Affections equals 0, everyone else lowers Affection by 1.

Each time anyone’s Affection reaches 6, explain how their valuable trait makes your Harem a better place.

You can regenerate your Energy by spending one turn in solitude.

In the 2-player version, you act out the scenes, and the second player controls the Harem.

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