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The Mug Is Half... • 2017 rpg

Ray Otus • www.jellysaw.com

A Solo RPG

You play a character who is drinking a much needed cup of coffee. Think about why you NEED coffee right now and how you will take it.

Put one die in your hand when you are ready to drink. If you add real sugar, put another die in your hand. If you add cream put another die in your hand. If you add anything else at all: (ice, syrup, cinnamon, low-cal sweetener, coconut milk), take a die out of your hand if you are holding more than one.

Roll and choose the highest die. 

1: The coffee is dark and bitter. It gives you resolve and a razor-edge clarity to face the abyss.

2-3: The mug is empty. Your mind was so full of other thoughts that you drink the coffee without even tasting it. 

4-5: Ah, coffee! Your problems briefly melt away, but come crashing back in when the last sip is gone.

6: The coffee is rich and flavorful. Life is sweet! Even if it sometimes seems overwhelming.

You can drink another cup and reroll, but you must re-roll any 1s or 6s one time.

Author Comments

This is half parody, half simulation, and half psychological statement. Yes, it’s three halves. Deal with it.

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