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Escape from the Drowning Tower • 2017 rpg

Azrael Arocha •

VICTORY! The Witch is dead… Yet, her castle is drowning and her traps have activated. Will you escape?

1 GM, 2 Players
1 set of Playing cards.

   Deal Jokers as Treasure in front of each player
   Shuffle together Red Suited cards from 2 to 10. This is The Tower, Players Draw boons from this deck when they succeed
   Take all Clubs and Red J,Q,Ks sorting them by value. This is the Drowning Counter
   Shuffle all remaining cards together. GM draws from this deck every turn.
   Everyone draws 3 Cards

   To Play a Card, a participant must first take a Card from the Counter and show its value 

   GM begins by narrating the Challenge players must face and plays a Card from her Hand face Down, the value on it is the Difficulty of Success
   A Player then narrates her actions and plays a Card face down
   Players can Pass
   Reveal all Cards

   Player’s actions Succeed If all their cards add to equal or greater than the GM’s Card
   Jokers can be sacrifice to defeat any Challenge but are lost

Game Ends when:
   Red Deck is over: Heros Escape
   Counter Deck is Over, Heros Drown

Author Comments

Venezuelan with a passion for RPG :)

Podcast: Rolero Casual (Spanish) Available on: | iTunes | Android | Ivoox | Stitcher Web:

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