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Storyboard • 2017 rpg

James Etheridge • no link

You are cartoon characters, and you must draw your way to the promised land.

You will each need:

Your favorite pencil
Some index cards
A timer

Whoever has the weirdest doodle in their notebook leads first.

When you lead, tell the followers what the obstacle is and how long they have to solve it.

When you follow, take that time to draw yourself overcoming the obstacle. You all draw at the same time, in secret. Pencils down when the leader says so.

When time is up, the leader chooses the funniest solution. That drawing goes on the end of the storyboard, moving everyone towards the promised land. The others branch off anywhere else on the storyboard; they’re the misadventures you had on the way.

The game ends when the storyboard reaches the edge of the table you’re playing on, or if anyone gets bored or checks their cell phone. If it’s the former, you each write down one thing about the promised land in secret, then reveal it at the same time. All these things are true.

If it’s the latter, gather your notecards. Your characters never reached the promised land, and are trapped forever in your backpack.

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