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Go On Without Me • 2017 rpg

Wyrdsmith •

The game of (ig)noble sacrifice

In this game, 3+ players portray a ragtag band of heroes in a stereotypical action/horror movie, each attempting to be the first to say, “Go on without me!” Players choose 2 Strengths, 2 Weaknesses and 1 Dark Secret. One player is the Director and begins play by describing a scene.

Players take turns (randomly or Director’s discretion) declaring their action and rolling a d6. On a 5 or 6, the action is successful. In order to Nobly Sacrifice themselves, their action must use a Weakness (something that prevents their character from carrying on). Other players may try to save them by reacting using a Strength (something they excel at). This reaction does not take up their action for the scene. For example, Jane rolled to stumble because of her weak ankles. Mark rescues her with his strong muscles and carries her. When all players have acted, the scene ends and a new scene begins. This is repeated until a hero finally sacrifices themselves.

If your Dark Secret is discovered you can only win by rescuing another hero in a scene, and then succeed on your own (Ig)Noble Sacrifice.

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