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Modern Olympus • 2017 rpg

Peter Reitz • no link

A Two-Player Game

          The ancient Olympians have survived to this day, but time has mangled their portfolios.  They remember what they were; most hate what they are.  With enough divine energy, they can reclaim their original godhead.

                                    Ancient                       Modern
Zeus                            Lightning                     Lighting
Hera                            Womanhood               Punishment
Poseidon                     Water                          Cowboys
Demeter                      Growth	                        Hipsters
Athena                         Wisdom                       Hair
Apollo                          Truth                            Fraternities
Artemis                        Hunting                       Capitalism
Ares                             War                             Fashion
Aphrodite                     Romance                    Pharmaceuticals
Hephaestus                 Invention                     Sexuality
Hermes                       Trickery                        Internet
Dionysus                     Drunkenness               Politics
          Find other Olympians. Absorb their divinity through pleading, coercion, deception, or violence.

- Player can always sense the direction (but not identity) of the nearest Olympian.
- Olympians cannot die or fade away before losing their divinity. “Killed” Olympians revive unscathed within one hour.
- Divinity cannot be absorbed from unwilling Olympians unless they’re unconscious. 
- Absorbing an Olympian’s divinity adds its portfolios to player’s own. 
- Resolve magical challenges by rolling 1d6 for ancient portfolios or 2d6 for modern portfolios.
- Resolve mundane physical, mental and social challenges by rolling 1d6.  Add +1 per applicable - ancient portfolio; add +2 per applicable modern portfolio.
- Rolls succeed on results ≥ 5.
- If portfolio(s) were applied to mundane rolls, player narrates success / failure. Otherwise, GM narrates success / failure.

Author Comments

This game was inspired by my students’ frequent (and often comical) misinterpretations of Greek mythology.

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