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Yammer • 2017 rpg

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Each player must speak as fast as possible during a conversation encounter.

The GM will score each player’s Yammering out of 10, on 3 criteria: Material, Length, and Speed.

The Material value is how entertaining the player was. Tangents and stories are allowed, as long as they relate to the topic (eventually).

Length is how long the player Yammered.

Speed is how quickly the player Yammered.

Once the GM believes the player has become too incoherent, disinteresting, or hesitating; the next player must begin Yammering.

Subsequent Yammers must avoid repetition and begin where the previous player ended in terms of topic.

After the encounter, the GM will sum of all scores for the players. Scores above 60 should succeed (and some with higher scores), below should cause complications.

A session of Yammer should contain 4 encounters (1 per player).

Example settings and encounters:

* The players are secret agents at a party. They may need to convince guards, extract information from the mastermind, or get the aid of an enemy agent!
* The players are at a dead end job. They may need to Persuade the boss to keep their jobs, or calm an unruly customer.

Author Comments

This idea began as attempt to “break” the competition rules by stringing words together along with a theme. This then took shape as a conversation game and I removed most of the long 1 “word” sentences.

Strong props go to the Video Game Anachronox for Yammering. A great example can be found in the screenshots on this blog:

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