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No set. • 2017 rpg

Manuel Cascallar • cascallarmanuel@gmail.com

Meditate on this moment.

Then gather four of your dearest friends. 
Hand them each pens, papers, three envelopes. 
Ask them each to imagine a character. A Persona.  
There are no limits or set setting. Anything they fancy beautiful, interesting or worth exploring will do just fine.
Ask them to describe the race of their characters. Its appearance, traditions, and the history of its ancestors. They are to describe it all in paper, and save each paper in a different envelope. 
The second envelope is for the profession, skills and possessions of their characters. 
The last envelope is for the personalities, tastes, mannerisms, fears, weaknesses.
Remind them that each of the descriptions should be beautiful in itself and self-sufficient. And that if one of the three facets needs the others to exist, they probably don’t have a very interesting character.  Remind them that they themselves are not their nationality, jobs or moods.

Before starting to play, shuffle and deal the envelopes. 
Each player will now have a character made with the ideas of their friends, none of the ideas of their own. Ask them to roleplay earnestly. 

The mechanics and dice-throwing are left for you to decide, as they are secondary.

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