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SYSTEM • 2017 rpg

Maciej Zefir Starzycki • no link

You need two players: one plays the ENFORCER, second plays the SYSTEM.

First the ENFORCER:
So, you are enforcer/secret policeman/other for an oppressive regime. 
Regime wasn't always like that.

You joined in because:
- you were poor and this work had great promise
- you believed in the specific ideals of the SYSTEM
- something else

ENFORCER: name the ideals important for you, at least 3, you get IDEALS 3.
SYSTEM: add another 3 ideals to the list.

SYSTEM player starts to describe how those ideas get implemented, how they are supposed to work.
For each idea collaboratively think what ugly thing it could make ENFORCER do.

On 10+ : you can't ignore it. Tell SYSTEM you stand up against it.
SYSTEM: Explain to ENFORCER why he is wrong and add consequence (for him).
7-9 : You can pick - you either challenge (see 10+), or ignore it (IDEALS -1, cross off one)
6- : You can't change it. You get IDEALS -1.

When you get to 0 IDEALS, you can walk away, but there is cost. SYSTEM has to name three things that will affect you and your family. Ugly things.

Jointly decide how it ends.
I'm sorry.

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