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Meltdown - Your Last Battle • 2017 rpg

Charles B • no link

You finally have the Power, but will you achieve your goal before you meltdown?

Whether it’s to finally defeat the bad guy or rush to turn your group paper in on time, as a group, pick a goal.

Describe your character concept.

Between mental and physical, decide dominant trait. Roll d6 for dominant related obstacles and d4 for non-dominant.

Describe your two trademark skills. Related tests receive a +1.

Fill an 8oz cup with water and ice cubes.

To Play

GameMaster describes an obstacle. Player states intention on how to overcome the obstacle. GM sets a logical obstacle difficulty between 3 and 9. Roll the die at or above the difficulty to succeed.

To upgrade die, stick a 30mL syringe into your cup of water. Block vision and draw the syringe. At 0-9mLs no change, 10-19mL upgrade one die size, 20-20ml upgrade two die sizes, 30ml upgrade three die sizes. Die sizes are d4, d6, d8, d10, d12. Remove drawn water from play. Remove an ice cube to reroll. 

If you succeed by more than 4, remove an ice cube. You used too much Power. It weakens you. 

When all your ice cubes are melted or removed, you are defeated.

Author Comments

Inspired by last year’s winner - Time Travel Thaw

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