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The Suits RPG • 2017 rpg

Damjan Miladinovic • www.dazboggames.com

You’re called The Suits. It’s not a matter of way you’re dressed, but of your skills. You’re thieves, burglars, cons. You’re Magicians. And you’re expensive. But only for being the best. And now, you have a mission.

The suits is an RPG about magician thieves. The world is the same as ours, and they are not actually using magic, but skills of hands and minds. They are called The suits, because they use playing cards as their call sign, and they are recognised by the suit of the card, which represents their speciality - Hearts - the negotiators, Clubs - the muscles, Spades -  people with fast hands and Diamonds - safe, and any lock crackers. The game is played with a deck of cards, each player (including GM) drawing 5 cards. 2 is the lowest number, King and Ace are the highest. Every action players do They draw from the top of the deck trying to hit a number. They can then use a trick - add card from their hand to help themselves, or friendly player, redrawing after. The Trick has to be explained with detail, and approved by GM. After deck is emptied it is reshuffled. 

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