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Taking a long way home • 2017 rpg

Zed & Miss Ann • no link

A game to spend time and fill in long silences when walking with friends.
You will need
At least 1 music player - ideally one for every player
2+ players

Each person will be playing a character, based on first five songs to start playing in a shuffle mode.
First sentence to come up at or after 00:30 mark of the first, 1:00 of the 2nd, 1:30 of the third, 00:15 of the fourth and 00:45 of the fifth song will be the character’s main qualities. Instrumental songs can either be skipped or used to add an atmospheric depth to your character.
Stay in character until reaching your destination - farewells should also be done in character!!
Sample questions or topics include:
* The weather
* Politics
* Where you two met
* What are you doing next weekend
* Your five-year plans
* Will you ever meet again
For an extra challenge, you may mimic the artist from any of your characteristic songs

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