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Caltrops • 2017 rpg

Eli Kurtz •

Requires: 2 players, 8d4, 20-60 minutes

You are two ninja masters. Your clans have sworn to destroy each other. It’s a caltrop battle!

You each have three ninja teams under your command:
 - Sword Ninjas: Strong; +1d4 vs. Shuriken Ninjas
 - Shuriken Ninjas: Ranged; +1d4 vs. Lotus Ninjas
 - Lotus Ninjas: Poisonous; +1d4 vs. Sword Ninjas

Secretly choose a team to attack your enemy. Both masters reveal their teams at the same time and determine how many caltrops to throw:
 - Standard Team: 1d4
 - Roleplay the clan war before revealing: +1d4
 - Advantage over enemy team: +1d4

Throw your caltrops to start the battle! Whoever rolled highest is the victor, and may describe the battle. The loser may narrate the death of one of their ninjas. The sole ninja in that team now rolls 2d4 as a base, according to the law of conservation of ninjutsu. Reroll any ties.

Any team that loses twice is destroyed. Battle until one master has no more ninjas. The defeated ninja master attacks the enemy's stronghold alone! Ninja masters roll 3d4 as a base, +1d4 for roleplay. They may reroll 1d4 for each ninja team still under their command. The winner of this battle is the ultimate ninja master!

Author Comments

I wanted to create a game that played with the d4’s notoriety. Caltrops are either used by ninjas or Romans in the popular imagination, and ninjas were my personal preference. I’ve always enjoyed domain-level play, so I found a way to make all that work together.

Thanks to Keely O’Sullivan, Drew Mierzejewski, and Cameron Evesque Davis for playtesting this with me.

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