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Competitive Reality Television • 2017 rpg

Ross Rockafellow •


Players select an appropriate reality show trope contestant, an auxiliary skillset, and two 6-sided dice (2d6).
The Reality Show Host/Producer (GM) chooses and explains the contest rules and challenge theme. This game supports any competitive reality show. Each episode (game session) is broken down into challenges, workroom, confessionals, and eliminations.


CHALLENGE MECHANIC: Players explain their actions, roll 2d6 plus any drama dice (d4) and compare totals.

Each episode is a play session containing:

The mini-challenge – Players CHALLENGE; scores resulting over 8 or under 6 earn a d4 drama die.

Workroom - Players describe their intended submission for the contest and earn a drama die.

Confessionals – Player SPOTLIGHT;  Players talk about other contestants or their submission. GM modifies the discussed Player’s drama dice pool, adding d4 for HYPE or removing d4 for SHADE. Players may instead talk about THEIR auxiliary skillset allowing the GM to modify their drama pool as above.

Elimination Challenge – Players CHALLENGE; Highest total wins the episode and earns a d4 for the next episode, lowest is eliminated from the competition.

GM may add challenges to an episode by repeating any steps above. There MUST BE a confessional step preceding a challenge.

Author Comments

I was inspired by my significant other’s love of reality TV show competitions. I wanted to create something that could mimic anything from baking shows to drag competitions, but could still be used for something like ultimate warrior or some kind of post-apocalyptic battle arena.

This game is best played as a quick warm up focused on improv and roleplay. It’s great to play just before a regular game session to give those muscles a stretch.

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