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An American Workplace • 2017 rpg

Mabel Harper • http://twitter.com/MaybeItsMabel

One player is the Boss. Everyone else is an Employee. Every 15 mins is considered one Workday in-game. The game ends after five Workdays, or a Workweek.

Employees start the Workweek with 10 Work Tokens. They need to have at least one Token by the end of the day, or they’re fired by corporate for not getting any work done. At the beginning of a new Workday, they get one new Token. Employees can only have 10 Tokens max.

The Boss is lonely and wants to be appreciated, usually by making bad jokes, performing magic, or pulling off some other crazy, usually inappropriate antics. Because of this, the Boss is distracting.

While the Boss is doing their thing, Employees have to keep a straight face—this means they’re working. Smiling, cringing, sighing, or laughing means that the Boss has successfully distracted them. When an Employee is successfully distracted, they lose one Work Token.

Some Employees might care about each other. They can give each other Tokens.

By the end of five Workdays (an hour and fifteen minutes), whoever still has Work Tokens wins and gets to relax for the weekend, knowing their job is safe.

… At least until Monday.

Author Comments

Special thanks to Michael Scott. <3 You’ll always be in my heart.

More stuff coming soon at http://successfulwillsave.tumblr.com

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