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Coin-cidence • 2017 rpg

Ben Pelcyger • humanadserver.com

The dragon's eye explodes as your hewn stone connects from 100 yards. On the ride back to town your horse gets spooked; you break your neck.  

Players collaboratively tell a story.

Player 1, is a gamemaster.  Player 1 moderates the game by describing all the non-player elements such as plot and setting.

Players 2-N each invent characters that Player 1 weaves into the story.  Each player controls their character's actions in that story...while that character lives.

Player 1 describes a setting
Players 2-N each describe a character

Player 1 tells a story which includes the setting and other Players’ characters.  Player 1 describes everything except what the other players’ characters do.  During this story, the other players interject to describe the actions of their characters.  

If Player 1 wishes, they may subject any character action to a "test".  When this happens, the game pauses and a fair coin is flipped.  

Heads: critical success.  
Tails: critical failure.  
Player 1 interprets and describes that outcome.

No character may repeat an action that has been subjected to a “test”.

The game ends when the story is complete or until Player 2-N's characters are all dead.

Author Comments

Thank you to Bradley Andrews

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