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Hacksaw: The Phone Call of Death • 2017 rpg

John Kipling Lewis •

You have woken with the other players in a fiendishly deadly game of an evil genius bent on teaching you a valuable life lesson. 

You'll need:
A phone.
A timer. 

How to play:
The first player (picked at random) describes a horrible death trap. The player on their right is caught in this trap.

The trapped player writes down a phone number of someone they know, but leave one of the digits empty. Roll d10, enter that digit in the empty space. The player dials the number. 

If there is no answer they live for another round. 

If the phone is answered start the timer. The player engages in a conversation, in character, about the death trap. Stop the timer when either person hangs up. 

Consult the chart:

1-10 seconds 
Your character died attempting to escape. Game over. 
11-20 seconds 
Your character suffers major injury.
21-30 seconds 
Your character suffers minor minor. 
31+ seconds 
Your player has escaped the death trap. You learned a valuable life lesson. 

If you get the same result in the chart as a previous result, use the next highest result. 

Play continues to the left. 

There are no winners, only survivors. 

Author Comments

The game is actually about facing and overcoming social anxiety and fears.

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