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Harder, Better, Faster • 2017rpg

Guilherme DR •

Requires :

3 to 6 Players. One Player acts as the Mediator, responsible for handling the story flow and choice consequences.
1 die.

Your team is special. Everything others do, you do it a little better, and usually don’t fail.

Every time a Character does something important, choose 2 out of the 3 Values (normal Characters choose only 1):

      Harder: Every action has a cost. If you choose this, the cost is acceptable. If you don’t, sacrifices are needed.

      Better: The quality of your work. If you choose this, it’s top-notch.  If you don’t, it will create problems.

      Faster: How long it takes to finish it. If you choose this, it happens as fast as possible. If you don’t, it takes a lot longer (the whole scene, battle, session).

The Specialization Rule: You are really good at something, and at this you get all 3 Values. On the downside, you are bad at something, and at this you can choose only 1.
The d6 Rule: At really special moments, roll the d6. If it’s a 6, take an extra Value. If 1, take one less. Zero Values means you completely failed. Four means an extraordinary success.

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