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Fated Feud • 2017 rpg

E.M. Gregory • no link

Two RIVALS stand face-to-face and blade-to-blade! A third player is FATE.

Both rivals take five BREATH tokens. 

Secretly, FATE flips a coin to determine which rival they favor and records the name.

Every turn, flip a coin to determine which rival speaks first. Each rival describes an INDIGNITY that has driven them to duel. Then both players secretly and simultaneously spend BREATH in the following amounts to take one action:

0: BREATHE. (Gain one BREATH.)
1: PARRY. (Cancels an ATTACK or reduces FLOURISH damage by one.)
2: ATTACK. (Deals one damage.)
3: FLOURISH. (Cancels another FLOURISH; otherwise deals two damage.)

Rivals hold their action tokens in their fists. 

FATE chooses which INDIGNITY was most grievous. The aggrieved party earns a BREATH. If FATE chooses one rival three times in a row, the unchosen rival may CURSE FATE and remove them from the game.

Rivals reveal tokens simultaneously, resolve damage, then move to the next turn. Each turn, rivals describe the INDIGNITY that led them to commit the INDIGNITY their rival last described.

Each rival has seven health. Once a rival reduces their opponent to zero health, they win. If FATE’s favored rival wins and they are uncursed, they also win.

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