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Our Ancestor’s Secret Wars • 2017 rpg

Joe Jeskiewicz • no link

Underlying system: the Pool System by James V. West.

Get all the Aces through fours from a deck of cards and shuffle them up.  Deal two cards to each player.  One card will establish the player’s function and ancestry.  The other will be a family and technology they struggle with: Player’s choice between the two cards.  Or choose preference for both settings.  These are the only elements that do not change from game to game.

A - Pilot - Describes places / journey
2 - Engineer - Makes / provides vehicles / weapons / equipment
3 - Patreon - In charge of the missions, what is found, and the goal
4 - Hired Help - Useful for identifying enemies and creatures

Hearts - Verne’s & Moorcock’s - Steampunk
Clubs - Newton’s & DaVinci’s - Physicists
Diamond - Tesla’s & Edison’s - Electricity
Spades - Lovecraft’s & Crowley’s - Mysticism

It’s present day, and you are the hidden descendents of some prominent figures from the past.  You’ve been training in the technologies and methods that your ancestors developed in order to take on immortal enemies and eternal organizations.  While you may find some of the other families have ways discordant with your own, you will all have to work together in order to succeed.

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