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The Manor Game Farm Purge • 2017 rpg

J Mitchell • no link

Tomorrow, once the world's most visited and diverse zoo closes forever in horrible disrepair and only the animals that survive the night will get relocated.

Chose one animal to role-play
Chose your animal’s voice to role-play.
Chose one phobia: with captivity comes trauma.

Narrate challenges involving:
The hazardous facility
The misguided staff
The roaming gangs of violent animal antagonists purging their once fair zoo of the “unsalvageable”.

Game starts at sundown when the last visitors leave. The staff remains for the first scene then bids a tearful goodbye. The antagonists begin enacting their full throated purge.

To succeed a challenge, players must describe in their animal voices how they overcome each challenge.  If narrated in their animal voices = success!

If they fail to speak in their animal voice = suffer tragic consequences described by the storyteller!
After three failures, any failure can be descriptively fatal. The storyteller moves through the night covering 4-6 scenes announcing the final scene at dawn.

Storyteller: for every three successes, you may optionally compel one failure. Also, call Frenzy once during game = players become bestial for the remainder of that scene and may turn on each other.

Play lasts until dawn or purge complete.

Author Comments

This game is inspired from my visit to the NY Catskill Game Farm in their final year (2006), which in contrast to my visiting 20 years earlier was bleak. Taking it to the next dark place ala the Purge, but from the animals perspective.

Although it might be rather easy to succeed, it does force the players to remain in character throughout the scenes to their own benefit.

Thanks to Mike and Scott for all their assistance and to Karen for her support of my game playing habits.

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