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Denominator • 2017 rpg

Rudy Johnson •


LIFE is all numbers/figures to you, the Domicile’s three ONE PERCENTERS.

Life oppresses you with endless suggestions (therapy, “eye contact,” “take Haloperidol”).   

Question Life.  Parley with Life.

Sometimes, Life pompously doubts your existential narrative: “Could you really incapacitate 10 White Coats with your bare hands?”  

When this occurs, grab a bucket of diversely-sized dice.  Each of you pick one dice from the bucket and roll it.  Life picks first.  The highest roller settles the matter (reroll ties).  Life reveals something immutable about “Reality” (pfft) whenever it rolls highest (“You aren’t Batman.”)  Ignore anything said about numbers.

After rolling, claim your dice.  Its number is now yours (is it: [vengeful], [compassionate], [destructive], [flippant], [wary], or [perverted]?)  In the future, Claim all dice showing this number, and whenever this number is the highest roll, you, not the roller, narrate what happens (minding your number’s personality).  Life never claims dice.

When Life spits its figures at you (“She’s ‘16’ years old!”), you may shove one or more of your number friends into Life’s lying mouth to overwrite them (‘16’ can become ‘18’—or ‘187’—very quickly).  This changes Life, and returns dice used to the bucket.  

End when Life ceases doubting.

Author Comments

I wanted to say something meaningful about mental illness here, but forget it. Abilify for life. Shout out to my plug.

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