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HEIST! • 2017 rpg

Scott C. Bourgeois •

Form a crew. Pull a heist. Get away with it.

Each player draws a card from a deck to determine play order. Highest card wins - weight goes spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs. No jokers.

First player is pointperson. They know the job: naming the loot, who wants it, and where it is. They then describe the first impossible obstacle.

Second player explains who they are, and how they can overcome that obstacle. Then, they describe the next impossible obstacle.

Play proceeds with each player explaining who they are, how they can overcome the last obstacle, and naming the next obstacle.

Pointperson needs to overcome the final impossible obstacle.

Once the crew is assembled, the second player draws two cards to start the heist, revealing one. If black, their job goes smoothly. If red, there’s a complication. They describe it, and explain how they overcome it.

Each player then pulls two cards, in turn, and reveals one, as above. Pointperson goes last.

More than half the job is black? Success! Payday! Infamy!

More than half the job is red? Failure! Everyone reveals their second card to see if they escape. If red, describe how you’re caught. If black, describe your daring escape.

Author Comments

Thanks to Morgan Smith for helping brainstorm this submission.

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