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Girls from Gilmore, Boys from the Dwarf • 2017 rpg

Epistolary Richard •

Inspired by tv shows such as Gilmore Girls and Red Dwarf, this game supports linked-session play focused on enduring yet difficult relationships.
Agree a setting with several characters who cannot abandon one another (isolation, strong family ties, blood oaths, business contracts, dependencies etc).
Brainstorm a number of disagreements that could permanently damage their relationships ('wedges').
For each relationship between two characters, agree one wedge that occurred in the past that was never fully resolved (their 'backstory'). Backstories can be referenced in play, but are never the primary focus.
To begin play, select one relationship (and only one) and agree a wedge that will impact it.
Each wedge is explored in 3 scenes that must include the two characters.
1 Introduction
2 Escalation
3 Ultimatum
In between these scenes must be one or more side-scenes with one of the impacted characters but not the other.
After the Ultimatum scene, the impacted players agree whether their characters will fully reconcile or not. If so, remove the wedge. If not, add it to their backstory. Backstories are never removed.
Continue play by selecting a different relationship and agreeing a wedge, then following the same process.
Brainstorm new wedges when needed.

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