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Wannabe Legend • 2017 rpg

Martina Jansson • no link

As a rookie Cape, to make an impression is as important as succeeding at your task. Without the awe of the mundanes you might just as well keep working retail. 

Capes have powers. 
1, choose your Talent. Keep it simple. (Example: Flight.) 
2, choose three Schticks - cool moves or practiced applications of your Talent (examples: Hover, Turbulence). 
3, the other players each make up an Expansion (upgrades to your Talent, like Supersonic Flight) and a Flop (power fizzle) for you.
The two main Stats of the game are Succeeding and Impressing. Divide 8 points between them. 
Then Skills. Divide 10 points between 5 Skills of your choice (1-3 points per skill).

For each roll, use 2 different 10-sided dice. One for determining Success, one for Impression. To the dice result you add respective Stat, +points per Skill and +3 per Schtick (describe how they correspond). 
Dice result: Succeeding / Impressing
8 or lower: Failure / Boring
9-17: Success / Impressive
18 or higher: Triumph / Spectacular
Spectacular Failures triggers a Flop, while Spectacular Triumph grants you an Expansion for a while. Boring Failures will lower your popularity, but anything Spectacular raises it. 

Protectors of Terra are looking for new recruits. Show them your mettle.

Author Comments

Thank you for giving me a reason to write something just for fun as a break from organizing my first larp! (Also thanks to Adrian for naming the global hero initiative.)

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