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Jersey Gore: a game for 4 or 6 players • 2017 rpg

Karaktakus Audel •

You’re on one of them reality shows. Some guidos and Jersey girls. Some of you’s are vampires. 

You’re sitting opposite someone. Pick someone you’re into, and someone you’ve got beef with. Make sure your opposite picked one of them.

Start with one six sided die each.
Do whatever. Other players say how that affects them.

When your opposite is like, “Nah, you can’t just do that”, roll all your dice and check the highest:
-- 6: Boom, golden.
-- 4-5: You got it, but give someone a new die. 
-- 1-3: Sorry bro. Your opposite says what happens, and you pick up a die.

Once you’ve got 6 dice, your shit’s wrecked. Keep one, give 2 to one player next to you, 3 to the other. Your opposite gets to say what wrecked it.

Whenever someone gives you some dice, you caught some fallout. You gotta say how what they did affected you.

If you and someone smush, or they’re DTF (Down To Fang), give one of their dice to someone else.

When you take a sec with the crew and vent to the camera, lose one of your dice.

You win if your shit got wrecked fewer times than your opposite.

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