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Office Party • 2017 rpg

Jesse Wells • https://www.facebook.com/The.Mad.Viking

Six+ players
Boss is whoever brought the most booze. They pick two middle managers. Everyone else: Labor.

1st round: Gossip & Shots!: One shot for the boss, two for managers, three for labor. You take more shots the lower down you are to represent your powerlessness and need to drink. 

Everybody has a secret. What’s yours? Write it down, then roll 1d20. Compare rolls with the player to your left and your right. Higher roll gets the dirt and a favor(The Boss rerolls 1s & 20s and adds 2 to their roll)unless you roll…

1: You are shitfaced. Let your coworkers know what you really think of them.  Tell the boss off. Quit like a legend. (You’re out.)
20: They did the thing. You have pictures.  You have a veto. 

2nd round: Team Building Exercise: Remaining players give favors to force shots or block them. No favors? Make the Boss laugh with a work story to gain one. Veto holders can accept or deny shots with impunity. 

Final Round: Hostile Takeover! Everyone rolls 1d20. Favors add +1, vetoes add +2. Highest roll joins the 1% and wins, everyone else gets laid off. Good Luck!

Author Comments

I would like to thank my mom and my girlfriend. This game is meant to be played for laughs. Have fun, be ridiculous.

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