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Strands of Fate • 2017 rpg

Rob Teszka •

It is a time of myths and legends. Before you lie two cotton threads, each one metre long.

Each of you is a deity, responsible for an important concept (like Love, or Honour) and two Chosen Ones, OR two minor concepts/elements (like Fire, or Hospitality) and one Legendary Hero.

The Heroes and Chosen Ones are your pawns in a story of adventure, betrayal, magic, and secrets. A pawn chosen by fate--a roll of the dice--is the protagonist. A deity chosen by fate creates a sacred artifact that the protagonist must find. Another deity chosen by fate is the antagonist, and works to prevent the protagonist's success. Other deities choose their own paths, and should make bargains. Tell each other the tale.

Whenever there is conflict or the opportunity for interesting failure, two deities wrap the ends of a chosen thread around their fingers, and pull sharply to break it. Whoever ends with the longer piece succeeds--the shorter piece means a setback. If the pieces are the same length, someone is granted a boon. Both pieces of thread are returned to the table. If the thread doesn't break, there is a catastrophe.

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