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The Bridge • 2017 rpg

Alberto Muti • no link

Two players are the lovers. They are young, in love, and far from settling down. They live in different cities. 

Each lover, describe:
Your city;
Do you work? Study? Do art? 
1 ambition.

Describe what brought you together.

Third player, you are distance. During play, ask provocative questions. Make your presence felt. 

You have busy lives, but often feel like you’re just waiting for another moment together. 

Each lover: Roll 3d6. Allocate to:
Present: your daily duties - work, chores, friends/family, etc.;
Future: working on your ambition;
Talking to your lover.

1-2: Something bad;
3-4: You struggle to get by. 
5-6: Something improves! 

Lovers, describe your daily lives, joys and frustrations. How well do you communicate?
Distance, add elements. 

Moments together:

Each lover decides secretly (tell distance): 
Something you can offer;
Something you need;

Examples: encouragement, desire, fun, domesticity, sex, arguing, etc.

Together, decide where/when you meet. Distance, describe the situation, including obstacles and opportunities.

Play out your time together. You need permission from distance to explicitly express your need. Distance: be fair, sometimes generous. 

Alternate waiting and moments together. End the game when the couple breaks or is reunited, or when you have seen enough. 

Author Comments

Inspired by a game idea by Daniele Di Rubbo. I believe this looks very different from what he initially intended, because I could not help pouring my personal history into it.

First drafted in Mumbai, India. This version developed and written in London, UK and Piacenza, Italy. Special thanks to Antonio Amato, Stefano Burchi and Niccolo’ Fattori for their comments to this version.

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