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Tripping Over Yourself • 2017 rpg

VLF Transmitter • no link

The players function together as a single, very clumsy adventurer.

Each player picks one or more of the following to control
  Left Arm
  Right Arm
  Left Leg
  Right Leg
  Head & Neck
  Torso & Center of Gravity

Conflict Resolution (CR)
•Players want to do something
•GM and players argue over which limbs are involved
•Each involved limb rolls 2d6 individually
      ◦10+	resounding success
      ◦7-9	success
      ◦4-6	failure, Can Be Saved (CBS)
      ◦2-3	failure
•If CBS, another uninvolved (or minimally involved) limb can, within reason, roll to recover from failure, such as an arm grabbing a chair if the legs fail
•Player controlling multiple limbs? Roll for each
•In combat roll to succeed, then...
      Each limb that participates in attack / defense rolls 1d6 +weapon / +shield added together for final damage / defense
      Subtract defense from enemy damage for actual damage
      Any held object can give +weapon / +shield, it’s up to the GM

Every physical action, including walking, talking, opening doors, and grabbing objects, requires CR.

Limb HP
1+	Perfectly fine
0	Useless
-10	Chopped off

GM Combat
•Choose HP for enemy
•Roll 2d6 for success (>=6 is failure)
•Roll nd6 damage / defense, “n” depends on the enemy

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