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The Banquet: A Mealtime RPG • 2017 rpg

Travis Nishii • no link

Works best at potlucks/buffets.

All players are guests at a banquet. Each wishes to poison the others and avoid being identified. One player, the HOST, serves as referee.
Everyone writes a visible INGREDIENT (e.g. broccoli, salt shaker salt, gatorade) and a SYMBOL representing themselves on a blank card.

The HOST then shuffles and redistributes them.
All players must avoid the INGREDIENT they wrote, and the INGREDIENT on the card dealt to them.
If the player consumes either INGREDIENT, they die and their card is revealed.

START: Each player creates a RULE of ETIQUETTE. The RULE cannot be that players MUST eat/drink “something,” but can address HOW players eat. (e.g. No hands on the table; Chug your drink if holding the cup with your dominant hand).

If a player BREACHES ETIQUETTE, the first to catch them offers something from their own plate or cup that the offending player must consume.

At any time, a player may accuse another of having written a SYMBOL. If the SYMBOL is theirs, the writer dies.
Create a new RULE whenever a player gets “seconds.” The HOST may modify it.

END: When the meal is over, OR one character is left alive.

Author Comments

Please make sure all food allergies are known before writing Ingredients; you are not meant to literally poison any players.

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