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The Quest for the Object of Desires • 2017 rpg

Luke Ensign • no link

Players are on a quest to find a mystery item of many forms that fulfills wishes. Each player chooses one from each of these categories when creating a character:
Skills: Force, Magic, Charm
Traits: Will, Dexterity, Influence
The game leader then determines the location of the item. Players take turns declaring an action that moves them closer to their goal, with each action being unique, and rolls 1d6 to determine if the action is successful. The die roll needs to be above a 4 for the action to be successful. If the player has 3 unsuccessful rolls in a row, the player dies on their quest.
The game leader determines the skill and trait categories for the action. If the action matches the player’s skill category, the player rolls an extra d6, with only one die needing to be successful. If the action matches the player’s trait category, the player needs to roll above a 3 instead for the action to be successful.
The first player to have 5 successes without dying or the last player alive wins.

Author Comments

This was a fun thing to do in a few minutes! I’m interested in making games, but don’t have a whole lot of experience, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m grateful for the opportunity!

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