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5 ways to win without fighting (a supplement) • 2017 rpg

Epistolary Richard •

Intimidation: If your foes value their lives and you show them, or trick them into believing, they are weaker, they will flee or surrender rather than die in vain.
Threatening what they value: Foes may value more than their lives, such as families, treasures, a fortress or a home. If you are able to put those in danger, your foe will retreat to protect them.
Bargaining: Your foes’ goals may not conflict with your own. If you are able to offer something they desire (even a better enemy or safety from a greater foe) they may respond in kind.
Misdirection: If your foe believes you threaten them where you do not, and are not where you are; you may circumvent them.
Dissention: Unless your foes are automata, each will think differently than the other. Look for the disgruntled, the ambitious and provoke them to action.
Some basic principles to follow:
Check your own, if one amongst you does not wish to use strategy then it cannot proceed.
Know your foe, to understand to which strategies they will respond.
Know yourself, what strengths you have and what deceits you can employ.
Know how to communicate, whether to bargain or to threaten.

Author Comments

Inspired by the exploits of Belisarius as documented in the Extra Credits Extra History series here

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