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Musical Mages • 2017 rpg

Spencer Campbell •

You all are a group of rival wizards, holding your annual meeting to compare the latest fantastical spell you’ve created. 

Everyone open their music app on their phone, shuffle your favorite playlist, and go to the next song. Keep your song a secret, and reveal it during your turn!

Go around the table and describe your wizard, as well as your spell based on the characteristics of your phone’s song:
- Introduce your wizard’s name and how you got/chose it (song artist)
- Describe your spell’s name and purpose (song title)
- Recount a story in which you used the spell, either with great success or failure (song album)

You also need to use the numbers of your song’s length during your story at the table. Perhaps they are the number of ingredients you need, or the number of failed attempts of casting it. 

As you go around the table, make your best case for being the most whizzbang wizard this year!

Author Comments

The goal of Musical Mages is to have a fun storytelling experience without needing anything than the phone in your pocket!

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