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Eternal Rivals • 2017 rpg

Michele Corona • no link

Two samurai meet under a blossoming cherry tree to settle a life-long feud. 
Hands on the hilts of their katanas, they wait for a moment of clarity to strike.

Each samurai takes 10 six-sided dice and hides them behind a folded piece of paper. 

One samurai narrates a way in which the other was insulting in the past.
This can be anything: from having eaten with the wrong-coloured chopsticks to having slept with the Daimyo’s daughter.

The other samurai must defend his conduct.

Each one then secretly takes a number of dice to hold in his hand (from 0 to 10). 

Both players roll them simultaneously. 

Each 4-5-6 is a winning die: 
The player who has the most winning dice has won the argument and sets the winning dice apart in their victory pile. Ties go to the insulted samurai. 
All the other dice are discarded in shame.

The narrating role is exchanged until all dice are in victory piles or discarded.

Both samurai take their victory dice and roll them one final time.
The one with the most winning dice kills the opponent. 
A tie means that both samurai kill each other.

Honor must be avenged!

Author Comments

A great thank you to the fantastic r/RPGdesign community on Reddit

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