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The Great Work • 2017 rpg

Luke Jordan •

Ours is a world of shadows. There are sparks of heavenly fire, but they are mired in mortal clay. We are diminished, robbed of our true potential. 

But in some there is a fire, not a spark. Bright enough to banish shadows. Bright enough, even, to turn lead into gold...

How to Play
You will need a Tarot deck, and 3-5 friends.

Each player creates an Alchemist.
-Choose their name and title.
-Choose a Major Arcana to represent them. 
-Choose their Great Work (maybe immortality, transcendence, life-creation). Match it to a Suit, then declare a Major Arcana that will mark its completion. 

To play, go around the table in rounds. Starting with the oldest player, go around the table drawing from the Tarot deck and describing your progress as below:
-Minor Arcana from your Suit: your work advances. Describe how you advance towards your goal.
-Minor Arcana from another Suit: you are sidetracked. Describe the useless wonder you create.
-Major Arcana:  your power grows. Describe how, and from now on draw two cards.
If you draw the Major Arcana you declared, you achieve your miracle. Describe the change it makes in the world of clay, then the game ends.

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