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Signed Away • 2017 rpg

Andrew Wise • no link

Needs: deck of cards, paper, pens, 4+ people

You are warlocks, your souls contracted off to supernatural entities. Each player writes their name and draws the sigil of their patron at the top of their sheet of paper. Divide the rest into ten sections, in them write:
•	1 goal
•	3 ideals (+1 card each)
•	3 skills (±1 to any action)
•	3 relationships (ask GM for a piece of information once/day)
Cover three of these traits with your patron’s sigil. Covered traits (bonds) give you nothing. Each day draw number cards equal to your number of bonds + uncovered ideals. The GM draws a face card for the day’s obstacle; jack is mundane, queen is magical, king is either. Players decide on actions, then discard a card smaller than their number of bonds if helping their patron, or greater than if not. Ties succeed with a cost. If you do not or cannot succeed, cover another trait and succeed with your patron’s help. Each day consists of five actions.
Complete your goal before you are forced to sign it away and become your patron’s servant. Servants can continue to play but only act in their patron’s interests.

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