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The Orb • 2017 rpg

Rickard Elimää • http://tinyurl.com/mnfw9vr

In a distant future, the orb is one of the key parts of human existence.

Discuss the following:
• what is the orb's functions?
• what are the orb's components, and how does it look like?
• what groups are affected by the orb or have a relation to it? Name at least three.

Each participant come up with a character of their own that has something to do with one or several of the groups. At least three groups should be represented by all the participants' characters. Each participant declares the agenda of the character, which is a version of the following three:
• steal the orb
• change the orb
• destroy the orb

During the declaration, it's also important to tell why the character has that agenda (even if it may be a secret).

The game ends when more than half of the participants can reach their goals through terms of agreement.

Discuss how.

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