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Monster's baby walker • 2017 rpg

VaL • no link

After a ruination. everything's gone. The only thing you know is the girl in the photo you clenched, Leah. you climb out from the rubble. In front of you are unfamiliar things and fears. Winds and beasts lowing around. There are many signs you can't read. Even on the roads or on the building.
Try to survive and find her. Accidentally, when you're foraging and Kicked an alphabet block. It's so comforting and familiar. You can't understand what is the sign on it. Though, you realise they are everywhere. Like a child, you try to puzzle out those signs meaning. As you learning. Eventually, you are aware where you are.
All the way, people seem to disgust you. And trying to attack you, drive you away. But you don't know why. Until you perceive there are something differences between you and them. Because you are not a human anymore.
At last, you meet some people like you. They know where is your sister and brought you there. She is living in a fantastic room. She told you she was frozen in the room. But you can also travel with the people like you. How will you decide?

Author Comments

This entry is combined by my writing practice and a Inspiration came from the Homesick. This game is so impressive to me.

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