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Only One Shall Win • 2017 rpg

Luciano Gil • https://twitter.com/SmithyPenguin

Overlord: Foolish Hero, you overused your powers of time and broke time itself. May it be fate or destiny, but I’ve already won. Even if you defeat me here, I’m victorious in other timelines.

Janus, Time Goddess: Beloved heroes. You alone won’t be able destroy the Overlord unless you trust the other heroes of timelines yet to happen, but be wary of the Gainsayer.
Only 3 players can play.
Prepare 2 cards and write “Soothsayer” and “Gainsayer”. These are “Prediction”.
Prepare 3 cards and write “Blast”, “Slash” and “Clash”. These are “Attack”.
Prepare 9 “Hit” Tokens. These represent attacks landed by a Hero.
Prepare 3 “Death” Tokens. These represent attacks hitting the Heroes.

Each Hero take turns engaging the Overlord. The others take a random “Prediction“ (don’t show it) and “Attack” (show it). The Hero with “Soothsayer” must convince the acting hero to Pick their “Attack” without revealing their “Prediction”. The Hero with “Gainsayer” must trick the acting Hero without revealing their “Prediction”.

If the acting Hero picks “Soothsayer’s” card, they gain one “Hit”. If not, one “Death” is placed.

The Hero that lands 3 “Hit” wins, but if the Overlord lands 3 “Death” everyone loses.

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