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Joy Wizards • 2017 rpg

Clinton Dreisbach •

Magic is real and it is powered by emotional energy. The strongest, purest energy comes from joy.

You and your friends are wizards. You must signal this by wearing something bright and amazing like a peacock feather or a yellow silk jacket. You each have a secret name like "Carmenolan" or "Ordelennon," but you tell it to few.

You must go out into the world and cause as much joy as possible. You cannot use magic to do this; that would use up the energy you are creating. 

Gather your fellow wizards in a place full of people. Share your plans to create joy, then scatter to the winds. Meet new people, cause them joy, and collect their stories.

If someone is very special and you feel you can trust them, you can tell them that you are a wizard and share your secret name, but otherwise, keep this to yourself.

At the end of your joyful excursion, meet your fellow wizards for a drink of something made from joy. Grape soda is a favorite, as is vino verde. Share your stories you've collected and delight in the moment, for you have made true magic.

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