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The Marketers • 2017 rpg

Brad Jones •

You are marketers, trying to sell products presented by your President of Marketing, and add them to your portfolio. The game is played with 3-6 marketers. The first marketer to add 5 projects to their portfolio wins the game.

Each round, one marketer will serve as President of Marketing. The President has 10 six-sided funding die at the start of each round. The President will make up a ridiculous product, and the marketers must come up with a strategy to sell it. The marketers are encouraged to ask questions about the product, such as who makes it, what does it taste like, etc.

Each time a marketer pitches a good, funny, or ridiculous idea for the product’s marketing, the president can reward them a funding die. Other marketeers build off this pitch, adding to the overall marketing strategy.

When all the funding has been passed out, each marketer rolls their funding dice, to see how much profit their ideas contributed. The player that rolls the highest gets to add the project to their portfolio; ties go to the marketer with the most funding die.

If no-one has won, the marketer to the President’s right becomes the next President.

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